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There are a lot of advantages partnering with Cloud 9 Marketing!

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Our firm is seeking a creative Web Developer. The ideal candidate for this position is a hands-on professional with strong knowledge of content management platforms, and an ability to translate our business needs into client-friendly functions that will expand our website's influence in our industry.

The Web Developer will be responsible for updating our current online applications, as well as developing and implementing a usability testing process to insure that new website applications meet our company's requirements.

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Our firm is seeking an artistic graphic designer. The ideal candidate for this position is a hands on professional with a creative mind. 

The Graphic Designer will be responsible for turning client ideas into reality; by using their artistic skills to create company logos that represent the business brand in visual content. 



Our firm is seeking a social media consultant. The ideal candidate for this position is someone who has a strong sales background and a strong social media knowledge. 

A primary responsibility of a social media consultant is developing and posting content to social media sites, which may include video content. Another primary responsibility of a social media consultant could be helping to develop and oversee social media communities dedicated to an organization's brand.

This position could be very lucrative for someone who can build relationships, close sales and be able to manage several accounts in their portfolio. Three to six months of hard work could potentially lead a person in this position at a comfortable residual salary, all while working at home.

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